The Forget-Me-Nots - Celtic Folk Music


Released June 2010

The Forget-Me-Nots present a fresh collection of all-original, intricately arranged, Celtic infused, fiddle tunes. "blooming" showcases the girls astounding talents as players, and just as impressively, their mature abilities as composers and arrangers. From soulful to joyful, with elegance and, at times, feverish intensity, The Forget-Me-Nots take you on a musical journey spanning a wide range of emotions and leave you wanting more.

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The Making of "Fiddlers Three"
Late in a very chilly January and into early February of 2007, the Forget-Me-Nots gathered together for three successive Saturdays, first to practice, and then to record, at the Apple Barn here in the mountains in Valle Crucis, NC. It's been three years since the Forget-Me-Nots recorded music for a CD. Now at the ripe old ages of 10, 11, and 12 the girls have a noteworthy achievement to their credit: 69 minutes of spirited and heartfelt traditional Celtic and contemporary fiddle music on 22 tracks. The Apple Barn is a wonderful setting for acoustic music. Sound resonates off the wood interior, providing a rich natural reverb. The ambience harkens back to simpler times when a few fiddles and a guitar may have been the only source of entertainment after a day's work in the woods or fields -- it definitely puts you in the mood for making good music. Well, a barn with a heater is still a pretty chilly place to play when the temperatures outside are well below freezing, but the girls seemed to generate their own heat on the fiddle (and intermittent games of tag) and have put together a very fine CD! It has the freshness of a live recording with very little studio tweaking, and all but a few of the tunes were done in a single take. If you enjoy the fiddle, we know you will enjoy this CD by some of the finest young musicians to grace the hills of North Carolina.

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